Tuyam – A deep connection!

Clothe has been a culture ever since it was invented, but sometimes it gets deep rooted into any society that it is used as an instrument to create a social change. Tuyam is in everyone’s life in every form. A deep connection between humans which has now taken a form to embrace everyone’s life.

Tuyam bows towards sustainable and handwoven clothing that demands to bring out the talent of rural India’s finest master weavers. We are privileged to take our weavers’ skills across the globe, with ethical fibre and natural colours.

The Pride of blending our weaving artistry into an organic fibre with plant-dyed colours, soaked in the modest designs of Tuyam is what each of our masterpiece retains, makes you to unfold its beauty with a captivating note.

Tuyam portrays femininity and their characteristics in each of their design, enabling every woman to embrace their sexuality with confidence.  Explore and relate yourself to our Tuyam’s studio collection.